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Bird Droppings on Cars

We’ve all experienced the unpleasantness of finding bird droppings over the car. But how do you get rid of them safely without scratching the paintwork?…

Cleaning Off Oil and Mud

How to remove mud stains from clothes and carpets; how to deal with oil stains on fabrics and garage floors and driveways…

Cleaning Patios and Decked Areas

Patios and decked areas are great ways of making the most of your garden but if they are allowed to deteriorate they can be difficult to clean, keeping on top of the……

Cleaning Stains in Spa Hot Tubs

Tips for removing two common stains in hot spa or Jacuzzi tubs….

Common Car Upholstery Stains and How to Tackle Them

A description of common stains on car upholstery and how to remove them….

Going Green: Grass and Moss Stains

Why grass stains are so difficult to remove and several methods to tackle them….

Remove Rust: The Red Enemy

A look at what causes rusting and how to remove rust stains from common household items…

Removing Varnish Stains

How to remove varnish stains from a variety of surfaces….

Treating Stained Garden Pots

When garden pots are left outside, no matter how wonderful they look at first, they can stain badly. Here we help you to keep them clean!…

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