Cleaning Stains in Spa Hot Tubs

We all love a hot spa tub or Jacuzzi tub – there probably isn’t a nicer way to unwind after a long day than soaking in a bubbling tub with jets of warm water massaging your back. However, nothing can ruin your enjoyment quicker than climbing into a tub that’s covered in ugly stains or scum marks. So here are some handy tips on how to clean stains in hot spa or Jacuzzi tubs:

Cleanliness is Next to Spa Tub Godliness

Like most things around the home, regular cleaning will go a long way towards preventing the build up of stains – especially soap scum stains. To some extent, cleaning a spa tub or Jacuzzi tub is very similar to cleaning a normal bathtub. What you use can depend largely on the material the tub is made of – such as porcelain, acrylic or fibreglass. However, no matter what material is used, it is best to steer clear of any harsh abrasives as they can really damage the surface of the tub.

Choose a gentle cleaning product that won’t scratch the finish for the inside of the tub and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You can now buy commercial products specifically for cleaning spa tubs. However, you can probably make do with a regular bathtub cleaner, suitable for the same material. Bleach is often recommended for a thorough clean but it is such a harsh chemical with such strong fumes that you would do best to only use it as a last resort. In fact, there are many environmentally-friendly cleaners that can be just as effective as using bleach – and two of them are right in your pantry!

Baking Soda to the Rescue!

This pantry staple is particularly good for tackling soap scum stains. This is the rim of soap suds and dirt that forms along the usual water line and can be really unsightly to look at, as well as being a breeding ground for bacteria and other micro-organisms. Baking soda is an inexpensive stain remover which is a mild abrasive and does not create excessive suds – perfect for the spa tub or Jacuzzi tub environment.

To tackle soap scum stains, first lower the water level so that the scum line is easily accessible. Next, take a damp cloth and dip it into powdered baking soda – then rub into the scum line, using circular motions. Rinse carefully when you have covered all the scum line and then wipe away again with a clean cloth. It is important to rinse away all traces of baking soda otherwise it could leave white spots on the sides of your tub.

You can also use the baking soda paste on the jets as these can tend to get a build-up of scum along the edges. Again, make sure you rinse all traces away thoroughly. Remember also that baking soda can alter the pH of the water so after using it to remove stains in you spa tub, check pH of the water when you have refilled it.

And Vinegar Too…

Another common stain in spa or Jacuzzi tubs is that from hard water. A good stain remover for this – again environmentally-friendly – is vinegar. Just your common white vinegar in the pantry. In fact, not only does vinegar remove any hard water stains and deposits but it will also tackle dirt and grease stains as well as deodorize the tub and remove any unpleasant odours.

To tackle specific stains, make up a solution of equal parts vinegar and water. Submerge a towel in the vinegar mixture and wet it thoroughly. Wring the towel to remove any excess moisture and then scrub the stained surface of your spa or Jacuzzi tub with the towel. Again, use a circular motion when rubbing and a good firm pressure. Don’t forget to wipe town and tackle the edges of the faucet and tap handles as soap scum, calcium deposits and dirt often collect in these edges and crevices. If you need more abrasive action or to get into hard-to-reach corners (e.g. cleaning the jets), use an old toothbrush dipped into the vinegar solution.

Vinegar does not have to be rinsed away when the job is done and the vinegar odour will soon dissipate, leaving your spa tub smelling fresh and clean.

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