General Stain Tips

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All About Bleach

An explanation of how bleach works, the types of bleaches, how to remove stains and the potential dangers associated with bleach….

Environment-Friendly Methods of Stain Removal

A selection of natural stain removers which are effective but do not harm the environment….

General Stain Do’s and Don’ts

A general guide to how to treat stains and what actions to avoid….

Know Your Fabrics

A summary of the different types of fabrics and how to care for them….

Removing Fake Tan from your Body

Methods to help remove fake tan stains…

Safety With Chemicals

How to stay safe when dealing with household chemicals….

Stain Removers and How They Work

The different types of stain removers and how they work….

Stains and the Power of Lemons!

Lemons have amazing cleaning properties which can be used to tackle household stains. They bleach, clean, de-grease, deodorise and disinfect. Try these lemon-fresh……

What is a Stain?

How a stain is formed and how they are removed, at molecular level…

What to do in a Stain Emergency

What to do in a stain emergency….

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