Kitchen Based Stains

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Dealing With Tea and Coffee Stains

Fed up of battling against tea and coffee stains, follow these useful tips and advice to banish them for good….

Do’s and Don’ts when Dealing with Dinner Party Stains

Having a group of good friends round for dinner is one of the greatest pleasures for many people but no one enjoys the clean-up that follows afterwards, especially if…

Fruit, Vegetable and Food Colouring Stains

How to deal with stains arising from fruits, vegetables and food colouring….

How to Tackle Stained Countertops

A summary of the different methods required to tackle different stains on kitchen countertops….

Remove Grease, Gravy and Sauce Stains

A list of common grease and sauce stains and how to tackle them….

Restoring Stained Crockery & Cutlery

How to remove stains from crockery and cutlery – and establish good habits to prevent further staining in the future….

Wine and Other Alcohol Stains

What to do in the event of a stain from red wine, beer or other alcohols….

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