Laundry Questions

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A Bloody Mess: Can You Get It Off?

The best way to deal with blood stains on clothing and on carpets…

Getting Rid of Mould and Mildew

Tackling mould and mildew around the house, including how to remove stains…

How to Remove Stains on Shoes

How to remove common stains from shoes….

Removing Stains from Vintage Linens

How to handle and treat vintage linens which have been stained….

Removing Sun Cream Stains From Clothing

How to prevent and remove sunscreen stains…

Scorch Marks and Other Hard to Remove Stains

Some common difficult stains and how to remove them…

Tackling Stains on Vintage Clothing & Linens

The risks of cleaning vintage garments and safe methods of stain removal…

The Best Detergents and Soaps to Use

The difference between soap and detergent and the best types to use in different situations….

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