Cleaning Patios and Decked Areas.

Cleaning Patios And Decked Areas.

Most people enjoy a nice patio or decked area in their garden and whilst these look beautiful when they are first laid, the colder and damper weather can cause damage to the surface and affect the overall look. Maintaining the patio or decking by making sure it is cleaned and treated regularly you can enjoy your garden for longer without having to worry about replacing affected areas. Cleaning can feel like a hard chore for many people but what a great way of spending time in the garden; you could even get the kids to help and earn some extra pocket money!

Cleaning The Patio Or Decked Area.

A quick assessment once a week of your decked area or patio will give you enough information to decide what needs doing. Often patios will simply need a quick going over to remove any weeds and moss. These can simply be pulled out gently to try and encourage the root of the weed to be extracted or may require a moss and weed killing solution to be applied. If you have small children and pets remember to find a variety or treatment that is friendly to these members of your family. The best way to maintain your deck is too make sure that a tough and impermeable substance is laid beneath it when it is constructed to prevent weeds from growing which can be difficult to remove once the deck is established. It will be worth investing in a good pressure washer that can be used safely at home and buying purpose made products that are suitable for cleaning wooden surfaces. Your local DIY shop should stock a range of products aimed at cleaning patios and decks; a good all-rounder that combats dirt, weeds, fungus and grease is ideal.

What To Avoid Using.

Try and avoid abrasive cleaning materials on your decked area such as wire brushes or highly course cleaning solutions as this can scratch the wood and compromise any waterproofing layer you have applied. Although it can be tempting to use bleach to try and remove stains, this should be avoided as not only is it hazardous to humans if used in large quantities, it may ruin your grass and plants if it runs onto them and can be dangerous to not only yourself, but children and small animals if it touches the skin or the fumes are inhaled.

Preventing Damage.

If you have garden furniture on your deck try and avoid scraping the table and chair legs along the surface as much as possible and this will help maintain its overall appearance. Children toys should be cleared away each day as they can allow a build up of moisture to collect underneath which provides a good environment for moss and insects to collect and grow quite happily. This is especially true in the winter months when many people leave toys strewn around the garden. Paddling pools can be great fun but if they are left in one place for too long can cause serious damage to either a patio or a deck. They should be rotated in location frequently and emptied, cleaned and stored away when not in use. Not only can they encourage weeds to grow, they can also cause discolouration of the patio or wood if they are not rotated often enough. The sun can cause other areas to become slightly bleached meaning the area will appear darker when the pool is removed, which can be made worse by moss, weeds and water staining the covered area making it look darker; the effects of this are very difficult to combat and will require more intensive cleaning.

Simple weekly maintenance and cleaning should be all you need to keep your chosen garden flooring looking good, it is not always necessary to pay a professional to come and sort it out for you as it can be done easily yourself.

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