Removing Tippex Stains

Tippex is a form of correction fluid that allows printed materials to be altered. Unfortunately the substance is also a hazard if it is spilled or accidentally comes into contact with any other surface than that for which it was intended so how can it be removed successfully leaving no long lasting stains?

Removing Tippex From Clothes & Fabrics

It may not always be possible to remove the stain entirely but if you try using a solvent based product and blot the stain from the outer edge of the stain working towards the middle this may work. Using a solvent may have a bleaching effect on some fabrics so you may need to dye or colour the fabric afterwards in some way.

Delicate fabrics such as satin and silk should be handled with greater care and expert cleaning may be required. If you are unsure of using a solvent based product, try blotting the stain with vinegar. If the Tippex mark is old and has dried it could be possible to pick or scrape the majority of the product using either a fingernail or a blunt edged object.

The residue may wash in a normal washing machine as directed on the label of the garment. Some of the dry clean do-it-yourself stain removers can work if used correctly and due the large variety available in the shops you may find that one will work better than another.

Removing Tippex From Hard Surfaces

Harder surfaces such as woods or laminates may be tackled by first allowing the Tippex to harden making it easier to scrape the substance away. When the majority has been scraped, use vinegar to blot the residue away.

Using Tippex Removal Fluid &Thinners

There are some products available specifically for the removal of Tippex and these can be useful for some stains. However they are made from strong chemicals and may damage fabrics and surfaces indefinitely.

When using these items or any solvents always make sure the room is well ventilated and small children and animals are not near the product whilst it is in use or drying. The chemicals contained in these products can be very damaging to health if they are inhaled. Always read the instructions before use.

Not all Tippex stains will be successfully removed and the use of a professional clean may be needed. Again this may not work at removing the entire stain. In some instances it may be more useful to re-colour the fabric so the strain is less visible.

Clothes can be dyed using proper fabric dye that can be bought in most supermarkets and haberdasheries. Stains that remain on surfaces can be made less obvious by the use of coloured paints or pens that are as close a match as possible to the original colour of the item.

Tippex can be a very useful item when used as an aid to writing or designing but it can be very hazardous if used incorrectly or when accidents happen. Always use the product with care to minimise damage to clothes and other surfaces.

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