Remove Silly String Stains From Children’s Clothes

It is a fact that many children’s toys and games fill parents and carers everywhere with a slight fear and trepidation because of the possibility of damage to property, clothing or even the children themselves.

The use of silly string may seem like lots of fun and be quite harmless when in fact it can cause serious staining, some of which may be permanent if not treated quickly.

What Is Silly String?

Often seen used during Christmas or kids parties and games, silly string is a type of foam-like substance that is contained in a pressurised can like an aerosol. When the top is depressed it shoots out covering whatever is in its path with the foam. The foam used is often brightly coloured which, although is fun and enjoyed by children and adults alike, has a tendency to stain any surface that it comes into contact with.

Removing Silly String Stains From The Skin

If silly string comes into contact with the skin it can easily be brushed away with no lasting stain, however if it remains in contact for a period of time it may shed some colouring onto the skin. This can usually be removed with warm water and soap, but may still leave a small residual stain that should fade over time.

Removing Silly String Stains From Clothing

If silly string makes contact with clothing it is likely that a small stain will be left. Some of the time, depending on the colour of the silly string, this will wash out in a normal machine or hand wash.

However in some instances a stain be remain which may necessitate using a stain remover. As there are many types of stain removal products around it is advised that those made for felt-tip pen, paint or fabric dyes should be tried.

Some people have reported vinegar as being useful for these types of stains but this should be used with caution and not used on delicate fabrics as it may cause further and permanent damage. Lighter items of clothing may not have the stains removed entirely.

Removing Silly String Stains From Upholstery/Furnishings

For most items of upholstery or soft furnishing it is recommended that the stain is blotted with a dry soft cloth before any products are used. Always check the manufacturers instructions for advice on stain removal, but it may be necessary to contact them directly or consult a cleaning company who will have products made for this type of stain removal.

It may be tempting to try products such as paint thinners, nail varnish removers or the like but this may cause more extensive and noticeable damage than the stain itself and is not advised.

Avoiding Damage Caused By Silly String

The most obvious solution to this would be to avoid using silly string at all but this is extreme. The best way to ensure the possibility of damage is kept to a minimum is to always try and use it outside away from furnishings, paintings or anything else that may easily become stained.

Kid’s games can easily be facilitated outside and whilst many parents and children alike like to dress in their best party clothes for such events, it is advisable that play clothes are worn just in case they become damaged. There have been some reports that silly string may actually remove paint from some surfaces including cars so please avoid using them near such surfaces.

Silly string is a very popular product used at parties of all kinds and in most cases is pretty harmless but if it comes into direct contact with certain materials or surfaces, may cause long term damage. It should be used under adult supervision and away from any item that may become damaged.

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