Ink Stain Removal

It is something that most people have experienced in their life…the dreaded ink stain. Whether it is on a school uniform, the sofa or a pen has leaked in your pocket, it happens to us all. Most people try and wash the garment or fabric as soon as they can, but often this is not enough to eradicate the stain fully so other methods will be tried.

Removing Ink From Skin

There are many ways in which ink can be removed from skin. Try using a very dilute solution of water and bleach. Rinse hands in solution, rinse again with plain water and dry thoroughly. It is advisable to moisturise hands after drying as the bleach can cause the skin to become dry and irritated. If you would prefer another method, try using a small amount of detergent, such as washing power. The power can act as an abrasive to help remove the ink and the soapiness will help wash it off. Again rinse thoroughly and apply moisturiser. If the stain is severe, apply nail varnish remover using cotton wool balls. The alcohol will remove the stain, but skin will need cleansing thoroughly and moisturising after to prevent excessive drying.

Removing Ink From Clothes

The easiest way of removing ink stains from clothes is to first dab the stain with an absorbent material such as a sponge or kitchen towel. Follow this by spraying a fine mist of hairspray over the stain. Dampen a cloth with a solution of part water and part white vinegar and damped the area every 5-10 minutes until the stain has begun to lift. When the stain has disappeared, wash the garment in a normal 40 degree cycle. This method should not be used on delicate fabrics, whereby using a mist of hairspray and blotting may be sufficient.

Removing Ink From Fabrics

If the ink has leaked onto your leather suite, try using a damp cloth to soak up any excess. Applying a small amount of cooking or olive oil may help to prevent the stain from engraining deeper into the leather. This initial phase should be followed by applying a leather cream that is specifically created to clean these products. The cream should be applied fairly generously and left to help lift the ink from the material. Unfortunately no ‘make it at home’ formula is guaranteed to remove ink stains from leather and a specialist product will normally have to be used.

If your wooden surface has been affected by an ink stain, wash the area gently using hot soapy water with a spoonful of salt added. This will act as an abrasive to try and remove the ink from the top layer of wood. This action should be quickly followed by applying a wood polish before the area fades. This is very important in maintaining the overall look of your wooden surface. If white or very light fabrics have been stained, try using a squeeze of lemon juice to the area. Leave to soak in for an hour then rinse with cold water. This should only be used on light fabrics as the lemon juice may cause colour damage to darker fabrics.

Ink is something we use everyday but can cause some very nasty and stubborn stains. Many items such as sofa, carpets and curtains may need specialised cleaning techniques to remove the stain fully.

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