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Body Stains: Avoiding and Removing Sweat Stains, Teeth Stains: How to Get...
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Case Studies: Dealing With Stains After a Party: A Case Study, Switching to...
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Chemical Stains: Cleaning Products that Can Make Stains Worse, Enemies in the Medicine...
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Household Stains: Carpet Stains: What to Do, Stains on Ceramic Tiles and Laminate...
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Kids' Stains: Tidy Up Time: Arts and Crafts, Baby Food Stains, Sticky Little...
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Kitchen Based Stains: How to Tackle Stained Countertops, Restoring...
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Laundry Questions: How to Remove Stains on Shoes, A Bloody Mess: Can You Get It Off?,...
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Outdoor and Garden: Going Green: Grass and Moss Stains, Cleaning Off Oil and Mud,...
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Pet Stains: A Hairy Problem: Animal Hairs Around The House, Tear Stains: The...
Latest Comments
  • Silver surver
    Re: How to Remove Water Stains from Wood
    I have just bought a restored shabby chick oak table,we have a water mark and a grease mark on top of the table,I have…
    30 August 2016
  • Me2
    Re: Removing Pollen Stains
    I have managed to get lilly pollen on my vinyl flooring? Any ideas how to remove??
    21 August 2016
  • Jenn
    Re: How to Remove Mattress Stains
    Great tips! thanks for sharing! would like to know, i spilled coffee and chocolate how would to clean it out?
    5 July 2016
  • StainExpert
    Re: Cleaning Stains in Spa Hot Tubs
    Nick - Your Question:Very informative! you did a great job detailing everything. This is a well written post. I wanna know,…
    24 June 2016
  • Nick
    Re: Cleaning Stains in Spa Hot Tubs
    Very informative! you did a great job detailing everything. This is a well written post. I wanna know, can lemon also remove…
    23 June 2016
  • nickscotney
    Re: Dealing with Stains on Walls
    What is the best way to identify the type of stain on a wall? We recently moved into a house and upon removing the wall paper on…
    17 June 2016
  • Dodch
    Re: Cleaning Stains in Spa Hot Tubs
    We emptied our hot tub, cleaned and waxed it then refilled it. In two days we noticed yellowish brown stain on all the…
    13 June 2016
  • Karen
    Re: How to Remove Mattress Stains
    I have a drinking chocolate Stein on my mattress for a few years how would you get it out
    1 June 2016
  • cece
    Re: General Stain Do's and Don'ts
    I fell asleep on a bar of chocolate which melted onto my pale grey upholstery, when I woke the next morning and seen it I tackled…
    13 May 2016
  • Walks
    Re: Cleaning Stains in Spa Hot Tubs
    Iast year I purchased a soho hot tub from a well known supplier, I filled the tub up took photos of it and they dried it off…
    2 May 2016
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